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To promote a society of responsible, visionary and motivated youth that can enjoy a good quality of life in a just, equitable and secure environment
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Inspired by her late mom's generous giving back to the community legacy.......

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1. Youth Economic Empowerment 
The Key objective of the Millennium Development Goals is to eradicate extreme Poverty and hunger by 2015. Extreme poverty is a major contributing factor to early school drop outs and early marriages in Kenya which is fueled by the social and economic inequalities. High levels of poverty are visible with the country’s majority living on less than a dollar a day and the inability to afford the minimum energy dietary consumption. In heeding to the call to eradicate extreme poverty; Nduta Angels Foundation endeavors to promote the income generation aspect through job creation and poverty alleviation initiatives as integration to its Youth Empowerment and Mentoring programs.
This aspect shall aim at achieving full and productive employment and decent work for a majority of its beneficiaries mainly focusing on women and youth who have been identified as the most vulnerable group to enable them achieve economic self sufficiency.  Economic empowerment of the Youth helps them deal and overcome the psychological challenges making them focus more on productive ways of living and further enabling them to afford basic necessities. This involves capacity building in entrepreneurship skills and empowering them to start small businesses.
2.  Academic and Career Mentoring
Globally, education is acknowledged as a means for transforming and empowering the youth with skills, knowledge and attitudes, enabling them to become productive members of society.
Despite recent improvements, high disparities in access to Education at all levels remains a challenge; this problem is most acute in technical institutions and at university level (Kenya’s  vision 2030) Subsequently Colleges, Institutes and Universities are striving to adapt to market requirements by introducing new courses. However due to unavailability of a common forum, such crucial information is NOT cascaded to education seekers who have limited access to the information. There is also a mismatch in education/ training and labor market and lack of availability of information to support students’ decision making regarding their career choice is lacking.
Nduta Angels Foundation hopes to connect the youth to opportunities and its mission is to Bridge the gap between students, Alumni, educational institutions and the corporate world through information provision and mentoring. We plan to offer products such as information on courses, career choices, jobs, CV writing and interview skills, academic materials and entrepreneurship skills among others.

3. Race to Rescue the Girl Child  
Rescue the girl child from her never ending chores’ slavery (home & at school) that robs her off academic excellence and other social economic opportunities
A Rural Girl’s Burden:-
  • Too much time spent on school and domestic chores (fetching firewood and water/cooking/ taking care of the boy child and her younger siblings) instead of studying
  • Keeping off sex predators, including her male teachers
  • Caning by teachers for petty offenses
  • Psychological demoralization due to persistent negativity from both peers, parents and teachers
  • Cattle owning fathers keen on marrying them off to wealthy elders
  • Upon marriage, domestic violence is very rampant; diminishing their self-esteem 
4. Leadership Training and Governance
For decades, Our Kenyan Youth have been excluded from viable economic livelihoods and positive citizen engagement in policies that affect them.  Youth, defined by the Kenya Government as people between 15 and 30 years old, constitute 32 percent of Kenya’s 33 million people.
Nduta Angels Foundation aims to influence the national landscape of future generation of leaders in order to enhance national leadership and governance and better delivery of services.
Through Leadership and governance programmes, we focus on mapping out leadership opportunities for youth, leadership preparation and deployment, leadership support and networking.


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